“That Fake Step Feeling”

by papalpigeon

I’m always trying to find that “fake step feeling”
You know the one… when you’re walking up a set of familiar steps in absolute darkness and typically it’s late at night and you’re somewhat disoriented by the day or by whatever fuels you and you’re not quite paying attention to how many steps you’ve already taken, and your position relative to the ending of the staircase and the flattened out plane that starts at the beginning of a new level, and you take that haphazard and magical step, trusting that yet another step will be there to hold your weight, and it doesn’t.
So…for a split second you’re left hanging on the edge and your head and shoulders and hips have shifted and oriented to this new level and your mind races, unsure of what the hell is going on and wondering why the floor has literally just dropped out from beneath you and just when you conclude that the world is over and you’re in the middle of falling to a strange and surreal death and you’re wondering how it’s going to be explained on the news: “Local boy found dead after second floor of home disappeared beneath him,” your foot touches down onto something solid and reality rushes back in, and you’re happy to be alive.