The High Five

by papalpigeon

Here’s a short and sweet song that’s sure to get you swingin’.

Hi everybody. We’re the High Five and we like good times.


 Missing from photo: Post

 Just a little taste of our new EP soon to be in the works.
Watch out for songs such as:
-“Androgyny Has Always Worked for Me”
-“Dear Lord, He Touches us in Different Ways”
-“Makeshift Mambo (Meaning We’re Leaning)”
-“It’s Not a Problem”
-“I’m No Garden-Variety Nihilist”
-“I Think I Have a Problem”
-“Punk Isn’t Dead. She’s in my Basement”
-“Beggars, Choosers, Losers and Fusion”
-“We All Have Names and We’re All From Places”
-Plus, the first official release of “Get To Know Me”